This is a programmed savings plan, especially designed for customers to grant their children, grandchildren and other loved ones, the possibility of having the necessary resources to take care of costs related to study in any university or superior institution in the world.

This plan is based on an individual trust, allowing for the accrual of periodical contributions invested in capital markets of developed countries, up to the moment that the beneficiary is to initiate their university studies. In addition, the trust offers the possibility of resting in the certainty that in case of physical absence, resources will be used exclusively in the beneficiary's education.

For detailed learning about Advantages and Benefits granted by this attractive product, as well as to receive a proposal of the contribution plans for children's education, consult your Financial Advisor.

  • An individual trust fund to safe keep assets deposited
  • Flexibility in the amount and regularity of deposits
  • Professional management of assets deposited in the fund
  • Easy and convenient, through the professional team granting an integral service
  • Personalized assistance to establish financial objectives and design the contribution plan to reach it
  • An insurance policy, which would make an extraordinary contribution to the trust fund in case of permanent incapacity or accidental death
  • The trust is administrated by investment managers of the highest recognition and prestige in the world, under the supervision of Venecredit Bank & Trust.